Circular Economy News — Week 23

David Mattersdorfer
10 min readJun 17, 2024

Summary about last week (24)

  1. Massive Cleanup: 11 Tons of Waste Collected Around Mount Everest 🏔️🗑️
  2. BMUV Recognizes AI Projects for Transforming Circular Economy: Cutting Costs by 50% in Waste Management 🧠♻️
  3. EU Investigates Eko-Kom’s Monopoly in Czech Packaging Waste Market: Dominating 20,000 Companies for Over Two Decades 📦🔍
  4. Avantium Begins Commercial-Scale Production of Biobased PEF: Targeting 5,000 Tons Annually at Delfzijl Facility 🌱🏭
  5. RCS Invests €50 Million to Expand Recycling Operations: Enhancing Capacity to Process Millions of Tons of Plastic Waste 🏗️💶
  6. Speira Invests €40 Million to Expand Aluminum Recycling in Neuss: Increasing Capacity to Process Tens of Thousands of Tons Annually 🏭♻️
  7. From Old Tires to New Car Parts: Neste, Borealis, and Covestro Lead the Way with Innovative Recycling Project to Process Thousands of Tons of Tire Waste 🚗♻️
  8. Strategic Partnership in Plastic Recycling Between Vecoplan and Plast: Targeting Millions of Tons of Hard-to-Recycle Plastics 🚀♻️
  9. Altor Equity Acquires Renewcell and Rebrands to Circulose: Scaling Textile Recycling with 20% Production Capacity Increase 🌍🔄
  10. Stadler Innovates Sorting Technology to Enhance…



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